Alamos Mexico


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Our last stop (and one of our very favorite) was Alamos in the state of Sonora.  We  had heard a lot about this small town of 10,000 nestled in the mountains at 1400′ elevation and even saw a bit about it on a Mexico travel video.  We had no idea it was so special.  The roads were paved with cobblestones and the beautiful adobe houses were painted in an array of wonderful colors.  One day, I took a morning walk and passed some large wooden windows which opened up to a beautiful room with a huge garden in the background.  A woman was busy painting while listening to Opera.  Very cool!  Alamos is one of Mexico’s 14 “magical pueblos” and magical it is.    Maria Felix is the “Marilyn Monroe” of Mexico and her birthplace is now a quaint little inn in the center of the city.  There is also a most amazing inn called, ” Hotel Hacidena De Los Santos Resort and Spa” which is beyond words.   A place for a special occasion. 

I am always on the lookout for special little coffee cafes (in my effort to avoid all Starbucks) and we found a beautiful little place off the beaten path.  Cafe de Sol is owned by an American and one can sit and relax with a creamy latte in the courtyard surrounded by native plants, soft music and gentle warm breezes.  I managed to come up with a reason to go everyday (took each of my family members one by one) and I can’t wait to go again in December! 

Alamos really is a magical memory and worthy of a visit.

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