Great Sand Dunes NP


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 15-06-2010

Our stop at the Great Sand Dunes NP was one of our most memorable.  How beautiful sand dunes are silhouetted again a bright blue sky and bordered by mountains and streams.  Breathtaking really.  We arrived to quite a windstorm (not fun when there’s sand involved) but it calmed down the following morning and we started our trek up the side of one of the bigger dunes.  We did some dumper diving and found some cardboard to use as makeshift sleds.  The kids were in position and ready to ski down the side of the dune.  Speeds of 25 MPH were anticipated.  “Countdown. . and GO!”  There goes Andrew and there he goes. . .about 2 feet and. . .that was the end of that ride!  Guess the sand wasn’t really sliding sand as it took almost as long to go down as it did to go up!  We took a picture of the shadows our bodies cast on the dunes and wished we were all really that tall and skinny! 

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