Flaming Gorge National Rec Area WY


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 11-05-2010

Ken is so great about finding these beautiful areas to camp and this was no exception. The campground itself was a bit dated with shelters that reminded us of living in the Flintstone era.   But we got a spot at the end of a row overlooking the lake and loved it. There were only a few other campers and on our last two days, we were the only ones in the campground! There was a little path down to the lake and Andrew was anxious to supply us with fish for dinner. He and Ken took off and returned just a couple hours later with a handful of rainbow trout! Yum!! Andrew was ecstatic!! (The fisherman in him came alive again!) Poohnut wanted some of the action so she took off with him the next day and caught one for herself.   She loves the reeling in part!

We took an amazing drive through the Flaming Gorge Recreation Area and were in awe with the breathtaking beauty of the area. The Green River runs through the canyon and the walls of the canyon are red. The contrast of colors is stunning. The drive wove through the canyon, through areas “where Dinosaurs roamed”.

On Sunday (official Mother’s Day), I awoke to coffee in bed (something I could get used to!), followed by a yummy omelet, a fully decorated RV and cards and gifts from the kids. Nikki gave me some chocolate and a People magazine, Poohnut gave me some chocolate (do they know me or what!!?) and a pair of “diamond” earrings with a matching necklace that read, “Mom” and Andrew gave me some fun things for an art project. Ken made me my favorite dinner – pork with verde sauce and desert of red velvet cake. Oh it’s nice to be Queen for a Day!!

Now off to Rock Springs to pick up our mail and do some grocery shopping!

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