Boca de Iguanas


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Our drive from Lake Chapala took us by the volcanoes of Colima while were beautifully displayed with snow capping their tops.  We were happy to reach the coast again and enjoyed the smooth ride down from the higher elevation.
During our last stay on the Costa Alegre, we fell in love with the amazing beach of Boca de Iguanas. Quite possibly the most beautiful beach in Mexico, this beach also has a small rustic style campground we wanted to check out.  I dreamed of waking up on this beach with my coffee and sipping a glass of wine as the sun set. The plan was to camp here for four nights and relax before heading to the busier town of Melaque. Most campgrounds in Mexico are no more than about 250 pesos a night, this one in Boca being no different. However, they charged an additional 100 pesos for each person over two so it ended up being ridiculously expensive by Mexico standards. So, we changed our plans and only stayed for two nights, still allowing us to enjoy our coffee and wine in the sand.
 After breakfast, Ken and Andrew took off to do some shore fishing. They met a great couple and the gal helped Andrew improve his net throwing  technique .  After about an hour, Ken came limping into the RV, having been stung by a stingray.  His face was so contorted in pain that it was evident the normal pain remedies would not suffice. I tried to call a friend in the US so she could Google possible tonics but we couldn’t get a cell signal. Ken was getting worse so I jogged over to the owner of the campground (a woman who spoke no English) in the hopes of finding the location of the nearest medical center. She was chatting with a gringo from Iowa who turned out to be our savior. I explained the situation and she quickly took me over to a large vine which was growing wild on the beach. She instructed me to place the leaves in very hot water and have Ken soak his feet in the hot “tea”.   She said the pain would diminish quickly. I did just as I was told and to our relief, Ken felt better in less than one minute! What a miracle!! We have no idea what this plant was but it’s always great to find a holistic and natural remedy as opposed to pumping up on medications. I think we can learn a lot from the Mexican people!
This beach is so pretty and its quietness adds to its appeal.  There is a very special ecohotel at the end of the beach.  If you have any special events to celebrate, this would be our place of choice.  Check out this website:    Boca de Iguanas Beach Hotel offers rustic but luxurious and stylish accommodations that deliver an ultra-chic vacation in a pristine ecological setting.    Really special!  
After two somewhat  relaxing  days on the prettiest beach we have seen in Mexico, we made a short trek to our “home away from home”,  Melaque.

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You won’t believe how I came across your blog. We are now at the Laguna del Tule RV park and I googled the Salamander restaurant. What a coincidence that you were just here. Your blog is so well put together and it will now be in my favorites.

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