Lake Chapala


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After our wonderful and tasty short stay in Tequila (love those margaritas!) we made our way through the side streets of the bustling city of Guadalajara (a bit hairy in our big rig) then onward to our peaceful campground on the shores of Lake Chapala.  Lake Chapala lies in a valley surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains of southwestern Mexico and is the country’s largest natural lake.   Lake Chapala is known for its breathtaking beauty, geothermal hot springs, and ideal climate.The campground, Roka Azul, was not only home to a handful of snowbirds (still a bit preseason) but also included a large beautiful sports complex complete with hot mineral pools, volleyball courts, soccer fields and playgrounds. The grounds were impeccable and amassed an area of more than 50 acres. We parked on the more rustic side of the campground, overlooking the lake. The evenings and mornings were cool and the days never went past 75 degrees. I can see why some people choose this kind of climate over the warmth and humidity of the seashore as it is quite lovely. (Although we are beach people so we only lasted a week!).

We took a drive along the Ribiera (Riviera) de Chapala which was beautiful and full of color and festivities. The drive was dotted with many lakeside restaurants where the men shouted outside, motioning for us to try their eatery. We parked in the historical district of the city and walked around the town, enjoying the malecon (beach path) and local street vendors. Lake Chapala attracts many foreigners and one can definitely see why one would want to spend their retired days in this beautiful place.

Poohnut was insistent upon having a picnic (she LOVES picnics) so one afternoon, we made a wide array of culinary delights including crust-less cucumber sandwiches, a cheese plate, cut up apples with brie and an array of other goodies.  We enjoyed our yummy picnic among the trees. Afterwards, we played a competitive game of volleyball and again, our children outplayed Ken and myself. They are definitely more limber than us two!

Now onward to where we last left our hearts, the town of Melaque.

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