The GRAND Tetons!


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On my 48th birthday, we started our trek in Utah, then drove through Idaho, Montana and ended up at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  We drove through Yellowstone (our next adventure) to get to the Tetons and had the most beautiful day!

We visited the World Potato Museum in Blackfoot Idaho and learned more about potatoes than we EVER knew! Nikki was in heaven as potatoes are her favorite food and we had to get her a very funny potato t-shirt!

We walked to the beautiful Jackson lake at the base of the Tetons. We had a  yummy birthday Mexican style dinner made, of course, by Ken.  (ONE of his new “careers” is being a chef!)   The view was out of a fairy tale!

We blew our second jack out but were level enough not to feel too slanted to the right! 

Our next trek: TWO WEEKS in Yellowstone!

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Hi Sallie and Lauren. We love seeing where you guys are and what you’ve done! Some of the scenery pictures are just breathtaking! Looking forward to more of your adventures!

I love your pictures, Especialy the kids faces!!
Glad you got your nails done, and had such fun with friends. You won’t believe it, but just monday, i went to WallMart and saw some “Wall Mart” Campers and thougth about you guys and wondered if you would be there one night. HA ha. Your adventure looks so amazing. Thanks again for sharing! See youguys soon -Luz Maria, Gus and fam

How fun!! I didn’t know you can camp at Wally-World! We have plenty here, too. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all real soon in Idaho!!!

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