Salt Lake City


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We stayed at a perfectly manicured campground (Pony Express) where the kids swam in a salt water pool and played at the cool playground into the night.  We have never seen a campground which was so clean and spotless!!  No dirt to be found anywhere! 

The girls and I spent a day in the city to get my hair and nails done. I was looking a bit like a mountain woman with 10 weeks in an RV and needed to spiffy up!  We had SO much fun walking around this pretty city!

We all toured “Temple Square” and got to see the amazing headquarters of a world religion.  What beautiful buildings and gardens in this area! 

Part of the reason we came to Salt Lake City was for our annual business convention.  My wonderful friends, Darcy and Marcilynn,  flew in for the Convention.  The three of us bunked up at a hotel in the city and had a special few days working together, drinking together (no easy feat in SLC!) and sharing our dreams together.   It was so hard to say good-bye!

We had dinner at a Brazilian churrascaria on Ken’s birthday with the kids, Darcy and Marcilynn. Eating that much meat on a stick brought us back to our memories of Brazil!  Thanks Darcy for being such a trooper given you are a vegetarian!  

Marcilynn spent two nights in our RV before making the trip back to Indiana. Our FIRST overnight guest in our new home and it really wasn’t THAT tight a fit!!  (Okay it was a bit tight but we are among friends!) 

On the way to take Marcilynn to the airport, I dropped off Ken and the kids at The Great Salt Lake! We had to see it!  The kids floated in this amazing (and quite odd) lake because of the lake is up to FIVE times saltier than the ocean.  They caught brine shrimp while floating.  Now that’s a cool way to fish! 

From urban SLC back into the wilderness and Teton National Park.

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