Provo and Utah Lake


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On our way to Provo. . .a night at Walmart! 

We had to experience what many RVers have done before us and spend the night in a Walmart parking lot!! It actually was GREAT as we were in need of a wide array of groceries and stocked up!  Can’t beat the price of “free!”  We did our banking at Wells Fargo, conveniently located in the parking lot along with dinner at a great new China Buffet in the very same parking lot!  Even got the oil changed on the van while we shopped! 

A visit to Provo Utah:

After spending our time at some of the west’s most amazing National Parks, it was a different experience to stay at a private campground again.  The RV park was clean and nice and the kids played in the pool by day and we all watched the Olympics by night.

Andrew and Ken did some serious fishing at Utah Lake, walking distance down the road for us.  Andrew caught a whopping 25 FISH in one morning and donated them to the nice couple next to him that looked really hungry and weren’t too good at fishing! 

We took a great bike ride along a long path which hugged the river and went through fields of horses.   It’s always so nice to find paths that don’t go along streets with cars. 

From Provo, onto a more urban environment in Salt Lake City. . .

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