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After dry camping for almost a week, we were low on food so camping in Fairbanks was a necessity.  After all, they have a Super Wal-mart!  We camped at River’s Edge RV park and had a front row spot on the river.  Fairbanks is Alaska’s second largest city with a population of about 31,000.  We took a drive throughout the simple city of Fairbanks and stopped by the Visitor’s Center, one of the most beautiful Visitor’s Center we have seen so far. 

One morning, we decided to make the 6 mile trip to Ester.  After all, the MilePost had a small write up on it and it seemed worthy of a visit.  Well, we drove to this town (complete with a post office!) and found a saloon and a small array of cabins.  We kept asking, Did we miss it?  Apparently not as that was it! 

Fairbanks was a good stop as we got caught up with our grocery shopping and  laundry, met a great gal Bev at Blue Ribbon Grooming (yes Hobie is clean again!)  and it was a great base for our trek to the Arctic Circle.

Now onto our much anticipated stop in CHICKEN AK!

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