The Arctic Circle


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While in Fairbanks, we knew we simply HAD to make the five hour trek (one way) to the Arctic Circle as how many times does one have that chance?  We left at 8AM in our minvan loaded up with lunch, fuel and Hobie.   We were fortunate to have a sunny day as the road, the Dalton Highway, is mostly dirt (although it was really good dirt according to Ken!)   The vegetation changed noticeabley as we made our way northbound and the arctic tundra took on the colors of the fall – bright yellow, burnt orange and deep red.  Really beautiful!  Along the drive, we parrelled the Alaskan pipeline and had amazing views of it set against the mountains. 

We reached the Arctic Circle at about 1PM and were greeted by the campground hosts from down the way.  They took our family photo in front of the sign and gave us a certicicate.  Quite unexpected!  It was 55 degrees (we imagined freezing temperatures, after all it’s the ARCTIC Circle!) so I thought it would be fun to take our pictures in our tanktops.  I guess I was the only one who thought this was a great idea as no one else would strip down to their tank tops! 

At this latitude (N66’dd W150’48’) the sun does not set on summer solstice (June 20) and it does not rise on winter solstice (December 21).  A third of Alaska lies within the Arctic Circle, the only true polar region in the state. 

Our trip to the Arctic Circle was definitely a trek worth making!

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The colors are amazing, need to see more of Alaska, Nice

Kurt, Gina and the Family

You’ve traveled quite a ways from Estoi, Algarve, Portugal! Thank you for shareing…we are much the same…lost a dog or two but then gained a dog or two…still playing in the dirt and enjoying the Portuguese wine and almonds!

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