Estes Park (Rocky Mountain National Park)


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We left Denver with a wonderful urban experience and a yearning to get back up high into the mountains. Our next stop was at Estes Park which is a fun town at the base of the Rocky Mountains. The hotel from the movie, “The Shining” is located right in the middle of this town. We took a tour of this magnificent hotel and then, of course, had to watch the movie. Forgot how totally creepy it was! Lauren opted to watch something more tame (Chicken Little) as the rest of us watched with blankets ready to cover our eyes if we got too scared!
Right across from our campsite was a wonderful, peaceful little lake called, “Mary’s Lake”. Andrew, Ken and Lauren spent many a morning and night fishing AND catching at this little jewel of a lake. We enjoyed Trout SASHIMI for the first time and boy was it YUMMY!! It was an interesting trout which looked and tasted much like a salmon.
We took an amazing drive up to the tippy top of the Rocky Mountains through the Rocky Mountain National Park. The top was over 12,000 elevation!. It was quite cold at the top, as you can imagine, and the kids even got to play in the snow – in MID JULY!! The views along the drive were nothing short of spectacular and we will never forget them.

Andrew took a free fly fishing class one morning along the river. He is such a fisherman!! That evening, we went to “Lily’s Lake” (a piece of heaven) and Andrew caught his FIRST fish using his FLY FISHING pole!! He was SO excited!! Now he can really say he’s a fly fisherman!




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