Silverton and the Million Dollar Highway


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A visit to a old mining town. . .Silverton

As on local puts it, “Silverton: A gritty little mining town with Victorian pretensions!” Once the stomping ground of silver kings and railroad giants, Silverton survives today as one of Colorado’s most endearing destinations. An estimated 2000 men moved to Silverton in 1874. They came from across the U.S., many parts of Europe and even China, to endure severe winters and dangerous mining conditions in their pursuit of the minerals they hoped would make them rich.

Silverton really is a cool little town with lots of interesting shops, galleries and a cool like espresso place. (Had to try a latte!) We made a yummy picnic lunch and ate outside the RV listening to Simon and Garfunkel’s “America”. Very cool memory and oh so simple.

The Million Dollar Highway

A bit of interesting information about this amazing road.. .

“In the Southwestern corner of Colorado, near the four-corners area (where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet) lies one of the most breathtaking roads in the United States, dubbed the “Million Dollar Highway.” Despite varying explanations as to the origin of its name (one claims it cost $1 million a mile to build in 1924; another says it contains $1 million in gold ore), there’s no disputing the fact that the 75-mile stretch of scenic highway known as Million Dollar Highway is a breathtaking journey through the majestic mountain passes of western Colorado.”

It REALLY felt as though this highway was NOT meant for RVs!! I can’t remember having such white knuckles while in a vehicle but these roads were OH SO narrow, with NO guard rails and huge drops down into oblivion. Even in the midst of fearing for our lives, I couldn’t help but take picture as it was so darn beautiful. The views really took our breath away. I do thank God that Ken is such a great driver as he seemed so calm about the drive, even using just one hand at several pivotal points. (Although he did use two hands after my insistence. Made me feel just a bit more connected to the ground!)

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Way to go Andrew, did you guys cook your catch?

I did not see Sallie on the raft, looks like so much fun!!

I know I would have lost a few nails on that drive. But Honestly, I’d love to catch up with you. What beautiful views. I’ll keep checking your progress, and wishing “I was there”. Luz Maria

wow i never new there was a road called the million dollar road . p.s. hi nicole its sam

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