Bozeman Montana


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 25-06-2009

 We were so excited to return to Montana.  We visited this awesome state last year and fell in love with it!  We remember driving through the town of Bozeman and saying to ourselves, “We have GOT to return to this cool town!”   We could totally see ourselves living in Montana in the future.  We would just have to go somewhere WARM during the cold Montana winters.  We camped at a neat private campground which had a great pool, a huge BBQ area (which we used one afternoon for a hamburger cookout) and a beautiful view of the rolling hills.  We found a cool coffee place and visited it 2  mornings in a row.  One evening, we dropped the four kids off at “Transformers 2” (or whatever it’s called!) and Ken and I took off for a wonderful dinner sans kids.  We sat outside at the Montana Ale Works and had such a nice time.  This is definitely a town worth visiting and we hope to visit again soon. 

On Tuesday, we received a call that Ken’s mother’s health was very poor.  After reviewing our options, we decided it was vitally important that we ALL go visit “Tun”  (the kid’s nickname for her).  So on Thursday morning, we took Austen to the airport for his scheduled 6:30AM flight (we sure LOVED having him with us!) and we all took off for Los Angeles, 1200 miles south.   We knew this was the best decision and I have to applaud Ken for his ability to drive over 1200 in just TWO DAYS!  We were in Los Angeles by Friday night and were so glad we make the trek. 



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