Tenacatita – a beach to remember


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After we finished school at noon, we all took off for the much touted “Tenacatita Beach”, about 30 minutes north of Melaque.  We arrived to find a beautiful beach full of little restaurants in the sand.  The cove was smaller than Melaque’s and the beach was very calm.  Out in the distance were mountains which added to the calmness of the water.  Andrew and Helen took off snorkeling while Ken went off to fish.  The girls went running into the warm blue water and I sat, IPOD and book in hand, under a huge palapa, just taking in the beautiful view.  When Andrew and Helen returned from their snorkeling expedition, they were full of stories of rays, colorful fish and coral.  I went for a walk which turned out to be my favorite beach walk so far.  I couldn’t help taking pictures of the amazing scenery.  I found this beach to be much more peaceful than Melaque as there were few houses and just as few people.

On our way back, we stopped at a distillery for “Raicilla”, an alcohol naturally derived from the heart of the agave plant.  We learned so much about the simple, almost caveman-like process and then visited the lovely “tasting room”.  Oh boy, does this drink punch a wallop!!  You get a little buzz from a mere sip!!  We bought a bottle of the concoction (US$30) and we plan to have a lot of fun finding recipes for it!

All in all, a day well spent!  We can’t wait to return to this paradise on the bay.

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I loved the pictures of the beaches. They look like brazilian beaches!
You all looks so happy and healthy!
Love you, miss you! guys

my wife and i recently started talking about doing what you are doing that is living on the road. we have 5 kids 10,8,6,4,2 we already have a motorhome i’m a builder devoloper and as i’m sure you know that market is devastated. like always i’m trying to find the silver lining and this time i think the silver lining would be the oppurtunity to check out for a year or two and let the economy mind it’s self, while we travel and see the country. a couple questions, how are the kids with this? What are the requirements to travel deep into mexico? you appear to be having a time of your life any regrets? Finally any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. thank you Bill

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