Puerto Vallarta


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-01-2009

We finally arrived at Tacho’s RV park in Puerto Vallarta. Tachos is in the HEART of PV which makes the city very accessible. The RV park was packed. We parked on a concrete slap, side by side with our Canadian friends and we had four big Class As facing us from both sides. Cozy!! They did have an awesome pool and we could walk to Wal mart and Sams Club so I suppose that’s a plus!
The next day, we drove into Puerto Vallarta.  What a city!   It was packed with tourists and many were of a different orientation. (Get my hint?) We loved the cathedral! We walked along the Isle Rio Cuale in the morning before all the shops opened and then again when it was a buzz with activity. We strolled along the Malecon (beach front walking path) and had a wonderful lunch. It was really fun and we were exhausted when we got back. On our way back to the RV park, an older man stepped off the curb RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR VAN. I still can’t believe we didn’t hit the dude! Ken has such good reflexes. If someone had been in the lane next to us, it would not have been pretty.  Just another day in Mexico!!



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