Cosala, a “Magical Village”


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 30-12-2008

 We felt acclimated enough to Mexico to head off on our own for a new day trip, Cosala.  This is a town high up in the Sierra Madre mountains.  The drive took us up into the mountains and we were warned as we left the RV park to watch out for “people who drive like drunken NY city taxi cab drivers!” Now that’s a pretty picture!  As we drove through the small towns, little children came running out to our van selling various homemade goodies.   They were all selling the exact same thing and all pushed their way into our van window.  We bought a couple of packages of these yummy sweet treats and felt bad we didn’t buy the whole lot! 

The town of Cosala is indeed “magical” as it is filled with beautiful buildings and paved with stone.  We walked throughout the town  and had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant where we sat on the second floor, overlooking the town plaza.  The sidewalks were perched high above street level which lead us to wonder if the town gets flooded from time to time.  After a walk through the town, we all enjoyed a cool ice cream before heading back “home”.

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Looks like such a wonderful adventure. Glad to see gas prices have gone down for you also. How have the kids been adjusting to being on the road? Do they seem homesick at all? You are so fortunate to be able to have this journey together. You are the inspiration for many families. Keep safe and have fun!

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