Monterey, CA


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We left our hearts in San Francisco as we love the whole feel of this wonderful city. Our excitement was mounting though as we were anxious to stay in Monterey and visit their famous aquarium. The campground was spacious and very expensive but allowed us to walk to the beach and the big sand dunes which was a lot of fun. We arrived on Halloween and we weren’t sure how to handle this holiday on the road. The kids still like to dress up and I was so happy they were all willing to use what we had on hand instead of going out and spending $30 each on a cheesy witch or batman costume! We were surprised to see the RV park was trick or treating and we joined in with the bunch. It was a very humorous endeavor to say the least as my two daughters (one dressed as an old woman who appeared to have osteoperous and the second one as an fit old woman who taught aerobics) and my son (dressed as Arnold S (inspired by our trip to Sacramento no doubt!)) trudged through the RV park with a bunch of kids under the age of 4. They scored with a nice variety of marginal quality chocolate to add to their premium Ghirardelli lot!

We awoke to Andrew exclaiming, “It’s today! It’s today”, today being of course our trip the Monterey Bay Aquarium. My dear old boss from my careers days of long ago (Kevin Lewand) has a son who is the “shark guy” at the aquarium. We arranged to meet Kevin Jr. and he took us on a behind the scenes tour. We got to see how jelly fish start out and how they transport the big sharks to the aquarium. It was super cool and Andrew was so inspired to meet a man who is living his dream of being a marine biologist. Kevin urged Andrew to go all the way with his schooling so he would have many options available to him in his career.

The next morning, Ken and I snuck off for Carmel, to enjoy a walk and a cappuccino. Strolling the streets of Carmel is like being in a small quaint town in Europe. Carmel is very special and rich in color and architecture. I love this town where Clint Eastwood was mayor and could easily see us living here, if we inherited millions (and billions) of dollars!


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Dear Ken , Sallie and kids:
Hapy to know and see your beautifull picture in your sites.
We wish to all you a Happy New Year.
See you one day

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