Oregon Coast


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 Beverly Beach

THE BEACH!!  THE BEACH!!  We finally arrived at the ocean and we were all SO darn excited!!  You would have thought we had never seen the ocean and in some ways, it felt like it.  We have been to so many places over the past four months and time just takes on its own dimensions.  We feel like we have been on the road for more like 2 years as our minds are so packed full of memories.

Our first campground on the Oregon coast was tucked into the redwoods.  It was a short walk to the beach.  Hobie came along with us and ran as if in the movie, “Born Free!”  The smell of sea air is one of the best in the world of smells and we all couldn’t get enough of it!

On our way to our next stop, we met a guy on a bicycle who stopped near us to check out the view.  He had a couple packs on his bike and we asked he why he had a hubcap tied to his packs.  He figured he needed to cart around something that was useless to make photos more interesting.  We nicknamed him, “Hub Cap Man.”  He was en route to Mexico just like us and was such a neat guy!

 Bullards Beach

This next stop was fun and we met some great people.  We met “Urban Cowboy” from Redding CA.  He was such an upbeat guy and was traveling with his wife and a bunch of friends.  Then there was Renee and her daughter Isabelle.  They owned a brand new Air Stream and were trekking acorss the United States with no agenda and no time frame.  Really great gals.  As we sat to have dinner, we noticed a bunch of bikers coming into the campground.  Could it be. . .HUB CAP MAN??  He and his buddies were camping and we got to talk with him more and find out about his life. 

The nearest town was “Bandon” and it was a cool little seaside town with a fishing pier.  Andrew wanted to go “crabbing” so we rented him a crab ring and let him loose on the pier.  All the guys on the pier took him under their wings and showed him different techniques for catching crabs along with donating some of thier zingers and kit kats.  Good group of guys.  Well, Andrew,  (now my very favorite son!) with six hours on the pier caught not one, not two but EIGHT crabbies!!  WHOO HOO!!  We all love crab so much (well Nikki is a bit indifferent) so we were excited beyond belief.  We cooked up the crab and donated TWO to Hub Cap man and his buddy, one to Renee and her daughter and another to our nice single neighbor next door and her dog Pierre.  You better believe after that success that we BOUGHT Andrew his VERY OWN crab ring!  What did he do the next day?  He went and caught FOUR more in just two hours!  We had crabs coming out of our ears!

 Harris Beach

Our next stop was our closest campground to the beach.  We had a great spot and a nice view of the big trees and the top of the ocean and the FOG.  We met the Giguere family (http://le-trip.com/)   from Canada who are also full time RVers.  They were such a great bunch and had two daughters, ages 9 and 12.  Nikki and Poohnut were BEYOND happy to find new friends and we didn’t see our daughers again until Sunday when the family were leaving the campground.  It was great to chat with another family who has this same dream of travelling the country with preteen children.  We made a big pancake breakfast for them on their departure day and it was sad to see them go.  BUT, their trek is similar to ours (including 3 months in Mexico) so we are planning on having our paths cross again. 

Andrew took off for another crabbing adventure.  His head was rather big from his quick success at the last locale and was hoping to duplicate his success in Brookings, the town nearest to Harris Beach.  His new crab ring unfortunately got caught on some rocks so we had to leave it there over night, hoping we could get a boater to help us bring it up the next day.  Well, the next day his ring was nowhere to be found.  Huh??!!  Where did it go?  Must have been a crab ring snatcher so it was CRAB RING PART TWO.  No luck in Brookings so we are looking forward to some beaches and bays in California for more crabs.  GO ANDREW!!

We depart Oregon was so many happy memories.  What a great state with some of the best state campgrounds!  We paid no more than $18 a night which was such a deal for what we got!  Highly recommend taking some time to visit this amazing state!

Now off to California where we look forward to paying state taxes again and a whole lot more for a campground. 

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