Las Glorias and Mr. Moro


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We had heard  a lot about this quaint RV park in Las Glorias and decided to check it out.  Getting to “Mr. Moro’s RV Park” was a 45 minute drive off Mex 15 through farmland.  The drive got a bit tricky when we came upon a very slow moving  tractor with long “arms” coming out both sides, taking up BOTH lanes!  We didn’t dare pass!  It was all worth the effort as Mr. Moro is now one of our favorite stops.    The RV park itself is quite simple but almost everyone has a view of the ocean which is a nice perk.  On the same grounds as the RV park was a beautiful restaurant and a small hotel.  The grounds were lovely and had little brick paths running throughout along with beautiful gardens with colorful flowers.  There were also two sparkling (cold) swimming pools.     The sand on the beach was soft and easy to take long walks on.   Down the way were dunes with long blowing grasses, reminiscent of beaches in Northern California.

We have met a special “Mexico Dog” at every campground and this was no exception.  “Gloria” befriended us and even slept in one of our bag chairs.    Hobie and her became friends and liked to jump around with each other.  Speaking of Hobie, we noticed his energy level was lower than his normal sleepy dog disposition and we became a bit worried.  Horacio, one of the managers of  Mr. Moro’s , came to our aid and drove with us to the veterinarian in the town of Guasave.  The vet was really wonderful and gave Hobie a variety of treatments which brought him back to normal.  Great to know that if your animal gets sick in Mexico, you can find good treatment (not to mention at 1/4 the cost!) 

The girls loved playing in the soft sand and made “shell shops” where they sold their shells to each other, the currency being leaves.  The game room was fun and the kids took their breaks from school  playing pool with each other.  One day, we heard some canned music on the beach and, to Poohnut’s great surprise and happiness, it was the ice cream man!  He had a yummy ice cream including frozen strawberries and cream. Later in the day,  Andrew and Ken picked up some live shrimp to use as bait for the following day.  Ken dared Andrew to eat one of the LIVE shrimp and, knowing he can’t say NO, Andrew completed the challenge.  I was so afraid we were going to have to deal with some sort of food poisoning but, like his father, his stomach is made of steel so no repercussions!  

Of big concern to us was whether or not this little restaurant would show the Superbowl.  We really wanted to watch it as we are big Colts fans, plus it’s just fun to be park of the whole experience!   They assured us they would show the game but weren’t sure if it would be in Spanish or English.  We tried to make it okay either way but we really wanted the English version.  They really came through and after much stretching of TV cables (from RVs in the park) and borrowing of TVs (again from other RVs in the park), we all joined in the billiard room and watched the game in English.  The restaurant brought yummy taquitos and guacamole and Ken brought some yummy chicken wings as what’s the Superbowl without wings??  They set up a money pool and Andrew won 200 pesos at the 3rd quarter pool which was a lot of fun.   While we are Colts fans, we were happy to see the Saints win as they are a great team and their city is worthy of the win.

 One day, Andrew, Ken and I took off to tour the city of Guasave.  We drove back through the farmland, passing many a tractor and reach Guasave in time for lunch.  After a yummy lunch named after the famed, Emilio Zapata (one of the heros of the Mexican Revolution) we walked around the central market of the city.  There was piles of chicken and meat all around and one thing you noticed, they were super fresh as there were no flies and no odor.  Ken picked up some chicken while Andrew and I loaded up on fruits and veges.  Always worth it to shop where the locals shop. 


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Hello Miura family , Enjoy your site. Husband and I are recently retired and currently staying in Florida second year in RV Park. Too cool here and wet , want to expirence the culture and warm weather of Mexico. Looking at RV parks in Matzalan area for next Dec- May. Did I mention we are Canadians from Northern Ontario. Have read about all the documents we require and insurances. Look forward to your next entry , make me want to go NOW. Safe travels and keep cool.gnancy

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