Chilmulco and the warm mineral pools


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 23-01-2010

As we departed Melaque, our friends  bid us farewell and we left with  tears in our eyes.  Ken kept the video camera rolling on the dashboard so we can see ourselves leaving  under the  low arch of Laguna Del Tule and jostling down the rocky roads of Melaque.  We were looking forward to our next destination , Chimulco, as we love its cool dry weather (5000′ elevation) as well as their warm mineral pools.  We arrived and decided to dry camp it out  on the grass overlooking  a pretty little lake as the campground was a bit tight.

The weather was superb and we couldn’t wait to soak in the warm mineral pools each night.  After school, the kids took off for the water park and went down the slides over and over again.  One of Lauren’s best friends is Natalia and during a bike ride, we found a quaint little hotel called,  “Casa Natalia” and across the street was a little market called,  “Loren”.  Quite the coincidence!   Ken, Nikki and I road our bikes one afternoon into the lovely town of Chilmolco and on our way home, we found a great new pollo man.  We put in our order for chicken, ribs and chorizo sausage and he delivered it to our campground that evening.  One of many things we love about Mexico! 

Now northward to  Mazatlan.

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