Alamos, a Colonial Pueblo


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We stopped by Alamos during our last stay in Mexico and fell in love with this special place.  I could not wait to visit again, especially knowing how much my mom would love it.  Alamos is a living museum with 360 days of sunshine nestled in the Sierra Madre foothills of Sonora. Alamos offers the charm of a Colonial Pueblo and is rich in history,   We parked our RV at a small RV park  at the start of the town.  Mom stayed at the  Casa de Maria Felix, a truly magical 17th century pueblo.  The Hotel Casa de Maria Felix is named after Mexico’s legendary actress Maria Felix and is built on her birthplace.  It was a perfect place for mom as her room had a little kitchen and there was a small restaurant and bar just down from her room.   Each day, one of the kids and I walked over to Mom’s place for some one on one time with grandma.  The 3 of us walked into the town and enjoyed breakfast and the kids shared their dreams for their future.  Special memories with “Silly Grandma”.  

During our morning with Nikki, the 3 of us stopped and poked our heads into an open dutch door.  (It’s great fun to see what lies behind these huge and beautiful wooden doors as it’s always a surprise).   An older gentleman met our gaze and invited us into his 2 1/2 acre hacienda.  It was absolutely amazing and way too much room for one person.    He is a widower and looking for a new mate so let me know if you are interested!   On our morning with Poohnut, we met a nice looking gentleman while enjoying our cappuccinos.  He told mom about a 103 year old artist in town and even gave mom her address.  Well, mom just HAD to meet this woman so off we went, in search of this famous artist.  We found her house and Mom had the guts to knock on her door.  She was invited in and enjoyed several hours chatting with her (although I am not sure she heard much of what mom had to say given she announced she was very hard of hearing!)  Mom was taken back to her casa by the artist’s friend, Ann, a 85 year old former race car driver,  that’s at least how she drove.  Let’s just say we are happy mom is still with us! 

One  night, we took Mom into town to experience a Mexican hot dog.  This is unlike anything we’ve ever eaten and is one of the yummiest things ever invented in a bun!   The next night, we ate at the small restaurant at mom’s casa and enjoyed some delicious food (along with a tamarind margarita!) prepared by Omar, a wonderful man from Argentina.  Alamos is defintely worth a visit and we can easily see why so many people call it home after experiencing its unique charm.

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