Our “Home” on the Road

After looking for some time at new and used RV’s, we decided upon a 2008 Monaco Diplomat 40SFT.  One of the big deciding factors was a full wall slide which allows for extra storage of all the knick-knacks “that we probably shouldn’t be bringing anyway”.  It sure does beat the trusty 22′ travel trailer we’ve had for over a decade.  But we will miss her. . .

Our friend Dan introduced us to Keith at Simi RV in Southern California.  Keith provided us with great service and made the long trip to pick up the RV well worth it. 

We’ll be dragging the minivan along for the many side trips.  Where the van cannot go, we all have our mountain bikes to take us deep into the wilderness.  If all else fails, we will have our hiking boots.  (If those fail, Ken has offered to carry us to the places with limited access!)

It is a bit like trying to figure our rubic’s cube when attempting to move from a 3200 square foot house to one of a mere 350 square feet (with the slides out).  You really come to discover what you can do without and what you can’t live without.   I must say there is SO much we can do without!  (Ask us if that’s still true in about 12 months!)  Who knew there was so many odd untensils in our kitchen drawers that we keep bringing from house to house only to never really figure out what they are used for!  Donation here they come! 

I am quite certain that when this trek is complete, any size house will seen like a mansion!

Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!  We are happy in proportion to the things we can do without.”  Henry David Thoreau

Staying in touch – We have a Motosat G-74 satellite system mounted on the roof which allows us to get both Internet and Direct TV signals.  As long as we have a clear view of the Southern sky, we can always hit the satellite.  This has only been a problem in a couple of places where dense trees or mountains have block our signal.