We’ve crossed the Canadian border!


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We left the Los Angeles area on Monday with the goal of reaching Seattle by Wednesday.  Our first stop was north of Lake Shasta. It was so great to be back in nature and among the trees. We stopped at a makeshift truck stop which turned out to be a great find. There was a funky little café and gas station nearby and we had a nice conversation with the owner. We were surrounded by Ponderosa pine trees and the smell of French vanilla filled the air. The next morning, we continued our trek and it was a very pretty drive. We ended staying the night in front of a Walmart with a few other campers. No amenities of course but nothing beats FREE! 
 On Wednesday, we reached the beautiful state of Washington. The day was sunny and warm and we had a clear view of Mt. Rainier topped with snow. Really cool! We found a great state park and settled in for our two night stay.

On Thursday, we took off for Pike’s Place in downtown Seattle. Ken took me to Seattle many years ago and I have never forgotten Pike’s Place.   It is foody heaven!  We started our eating agenda at a Russian Bakery with a yummy combination of goodies that were all filled with everything from smoked salmon to marzipan. Oh how fat I would be if we went there everyday!  I was craving a good cappuccino and found myself inside the ORIGINAL Starbucks!  It was pretty cool to be where the coffee craze all started.  The Starbucks sign was brown and beige, not the green we see today.  Quite fun!  We all ate our goodies overlooking beautiful Puget Sound.  Pike’s Place is a wonderful shopping experience and houses one of the most beautiful flower markets in the world.  You could smell the sweetness of the flowers throughout the whole place.  We passed many people selling everything from leather journals (Andrew bought one make of bison leather with paper from handmade cotton), to pure honey (had to get some of that!) to amazing fruit (we bought a ton of cherries) to HUGE fish (counting on Andrew to catch us some salmon in Alaska!)  A guy ordered a big halibut and salmon and they THREW the fish to the filet table and shouted the whole time.  All part of the fun show!

We left Seattle early en route for the Canadian border.  We were ready with all our paperwork including passports.  The gal at the booth was very friendly and we passed through with no problems.  We did have to toss some of our fruit out (why I don’t know) and the pass through for our RV was SO tight that I can’t believe Ken made it through without a scratch.  We were in Canada (the second country to visit on our RV trip) and that was very exciting! 

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