The Adventure Begins…


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Adventure. . . we live for adventure!!!  (Well, except for when Daddy takes a “short cut”!)

Join us as on our road trip across America and beyond!  Our journey will be documented on this site so we can share some everlasting memories with everyone in addition to some undoubtedly funny stories (think the movie “RV!”)  We hope to inspire others to seek out what is most important and to not wait until tomorrow to pursue their dreams.

See you on the road!

Dreams are like stars…you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.







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Best of luck to the Miura family. We (the Starr family) will be looking forward to reading about the many adventures ahead!

Best of luck!

Kris, Steve, Nicole, and Matthew

Your’s is a family after my own adventurous heart! Have a great time on your adventure. I look forward to your updates.


Lisa and Family

Ken & Family…

The Blair’s of Kansas City wish you a happy, safe and life changing adventure! Enjoy…and don’t forget to stop by while passing through the center of the US!

Wayne, Anne and Lauren

Enjoy your adventure!

Sorry we missed you at the Dunes!

If you are going to be in or around Montana the 3rd week of July, let me know, we will be vacationing there in our home on wheels!

Otherwise, we look forward to hearing all about the fun and seeing you when you are back in town!

May God keep you safe!

John, Mary, Michael, Val(Mike’s wife), and Danny

You are an inspiration for life changing to our family and friends in Brazil!
We wish you all the best and look forward the updates!
Merien, Jorge, Eduardo & Henrique

good luck to you all on your trip please keep in touch and do not forget me nicole in 8th grade .

Good Luck and have fun! We look forward to your visit to Idaho.

The Seivert’s wish you the best of luck on your adventure. We’ll keep an eye on your home in Anthem (at least from the road as we drive past) if you like.

Stay in touch.

The Seivert’s

A very long time ago, my dear friend Sallie told me she was living life vicariously through me lifestyle….well, the shoe is on the other foot now dear friend !!
I so admire you Sallie and Ken for what you are doing – for yourselves and for the gift you are giving your 3 beautiful children.
CREATING MEMORIES…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so looking forward to reading your stories as you are creating your memories.
as spoken by someone, but cannot recall his name !!
Lots of love to you !!
Jan and Tom xxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hello Miura Family!

Looking forward to seeing you in Northern CA when you pass through!

I too, am excited to peek in on your adventures!

Thank you for sharing your lives! You may inspire many other (myself included) to follow their dreams too!

Love- Cheryl & Drew

hey miura family i hope you guys have a great trip -nicole keep in touch call me

Wow! How your sister has touched so many. Her legacy will live on. She must be so proud. Have a blast and I cant wait for the updates.
God Bless you all on your journey.
XOXO – Amy

Dear Sallie, Ken, Nikki, Andrew and Poohnut and of course Hobie
The Jaeger Boys are very proud of you and your adventurous spirit !
Your Aunt Gretchen is watching over you guys, and is proud of you too ( :
Like she always said…..
“make good choices in life and good things will happen”
I think you are on the right tract.
Gretchen did teach all of us that we never know about tomorrow, so live for today
That seems to be what your family is doing, so keep it up!
We love you guys and will catch up with you along the way!
Love you, keep safe
Kurt , Ryan, Weston and Kyle
Riley, Bear and Bucky II

Dear Miura Family,
My greatest childhood memories were our yearly “roadtrips” in my dad’s old 1976 motorhome! He always got heck from the schools for taking his kids out of school, but I remember him always saying, “We learn more about the world in those few weeks, that we could ever learn in school.” I so admire you and your husband advenurous souls. Have fun, drive safe, and I will look forward to keeping in touch.
Yours in Love and Education,
Mrs. Milham


I am really admiring you and hope you already have the blast. Best wish. Do stop by if you passing through bay area.


p.s. You have phone number or e-mail address I can chat with you.

We miss you already but can’t wait to hear of your adventures!
Carolyn, Brett, Alex and Juliette


Sally , you used to sing that at PHS, and now we’re singing it for you as you embark on your family adventure.

Let us know when you’re in the area.

Have fun and be safe. We look forward to the updates.

Love, Maria & jim

This is mirah are you guys having a good trip what is your first destanation

Hello Sallie, Ken, Kids, and Hobie,

I love your website. I love reading all about your adventures. What you are doing is sooooo cool. Your kids are going to have so many neat stories to tell, and what an education. I’m glad to see the picture I took the day you left turned out ok. Give Hobie a hug and kiss for me. Miss you ~ Love, Linda

Hi Guys !
Just love being a voyeur on your adventure !! So tantalizing to be seeing America through your eyes !
Would love to see a photo of the RV and all the attachments that follow – so we can see the total “Miura Road Train” !? Must be gigantic !
Lots of love
Jan and Tom xxoxoxoxox

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