Naperville Illinois – Nikki’s birthplace


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When we left California (where Ken and I grew up) and headed east, we started what was to become our “Gypsy Lifestyle” with our move to Naperville. Naperville Illinois was our first move of many (six in total now!) and we grew to LOVE this town. I was pregnant when we moved to Naperville in March 1997 and Nikki arrived a few short months later. Andrew, Nikki and I would spend many days strollering down the river walk to the beautiful downtown (and Starbucks). Very special memories indeed.

While I met many people during our 2 ½ years in Naperville, two people remain my special friends today and both even visited us in South America. My first visit was with Ann Elliott. We walked the tree lined streets of downtown Naperville, had a yummy dinner and then ended a wonderful day with a raspberry mocha at a special chocolate café. The next morning we walked to the downtown via the river walk and just talked and talked.

After my special time with Ann, I visited Leslie. Here I was reunited with Lauren who had spent the night with Leslie’s daughter Audrey (who is also her pen pal!) the night before. We sat out on her beautiful new deck and chatted away, catching up on the happenings of the last couple years! We continued our tradition of dining at Potter’s Place and enjoyed a margarita and a “Christmas Tree” burrito. Leslie’s family drove me back to our campground in Elgin and both families got to hang out and enjoy some delicious desserts picked up by Ken at a local bakery.

On Saturday, we took the metrorail into the great city of Chicago. The day was gray and rainy but it didn’t dampen our desire to see this wonderful city again. We started our adventure at the famous Billy Goat Tavern on Michigan Ave. If you have ever seen any old SNLs, then you are familiar with the“Cheezeburger, Cheezeburger” skit. The tavern is where this originated as that’s about all you can get to eat there. Don’t even try to order a single cheezeburger as they TELL you what you want. Even the four year old in back of us got a double cheezeburger. It was a lot of fun!

When we left the Billy Goat, we headed towards Navy Pier and the Children’s Museum. It was still a bit damp outside so we thought we would let the kids run around inside until it cleared up outside. We have a national museum pass and it allowed us to get into the museum for a fraction of the regular price. The kids had a great time – Nikki and Lauren made skyscrapers while the boys ran around and played with the water exhibits. Time well spent. When we left the museum, the skies had cleared and it was beautiful. We walked the length of the pier and then headed towards Pizzeria Due (the less busy of the famous pizza duo). We had a VERY deep dish pizza and then headed back to the train station for home. Tomorrow, we head towards Wisconsin!

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