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A visit to Huntsville Alabama was really an afterthought as we had a couple nights free before our reservation in Nashville.  We stayed at Monte Santo State Park and it was one of the most beautiful parks we have visited in our last 11 months.  It was tucked up 1600′ and had amazing views of the valleys and hills.  There were great areas to bike (something I am completely addicted to now) and a great covered picnic area with a huge fireplace.  One night, we got together with our Canadian friends and had an amazing BBQ, complete with a roaring fire.  It was such fun and we wished we were booked for a whole week.  The historical town of Huntsville is very quaint.  It used to house many some shops and cafes but  is now home to mostly law firms.  The shops and cafes have made their way to the malls which is a shame as the town has so much potential.  Now off to the sound of country music – Nashville!  Better put on our cowboy boots!  (Darn!  Think we packed them in storage!)

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I actually found the Families on the Road website as a link through your website. Now, we are in process of joining and becoming an official FOTR!:) Anyway, saw you at the Monte Sano State Park, were we’ve been exploring the Huntsville area. I had hoped to have a chance to speak with you at the campsite, I was intrigued when I saw your van and knew you were a full time family, but as close as I got was when my puppy-in-training jumped on you at the look out! Glad to see that you enjoyed your stay in Huntsville! Happy Travels, Tonya

Hey Miura Family,

Wow, I can’t believe how many miles you guys have traveled.

I hope all is good and and everyone is having a great time. I know If it was me in your place I would have only lasted a week or so….

Regards Pat

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