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The drive to New Orleans was a bit too long for one day  so we made an overnight stop at  a woodsy state park with just a few other campers .  We could really feel the difference of  being in the deep south as the air was thick and fragrant and the landscape was green and marshy.  

On our way to New Orleans, we took a detour and visited Avery Island, the birthplace of Tabasco  (our very favorite condiment).  Avery Island is a beautiful place and you can see they have created a nice balance between man and the environment.  We took a tour of the Tabasco plant and couldn’t believe they produce over 700,000 bottles of the spice concoction each and every day.  After they pick the peppers at their peak (using a stick painted the correct shade of red (or a “baton rouge”) ), the peppers are crushed and salt is added.  The peppers are then placed in barrels for three years!  Very impressive!  We each received teeny sample bottles and got to taste Tabasco ice cream and other yummy sauces.  We feel more complete in life now that we have visited Tabasco’s birthplace!

The campground near New Orleans is a mere 30 minute drive to the ferry which, in 15 minutes, takes you FREE to the other side of the Mississippi River and the French Quarter.  We arrived and walked down the Riverwalk towards the famous Cafe Du Monde.  Here we enjoyed world famous beignets (french donuts) and cafe au lait.   Cafe Du Monde has been a New Orleans landmark since 1862!  We then make the trek towards Bourbon street.   The New Orleans Jazz Fest was the same weekend and I would imagine it’s quite a bit busier in town than normal.  (Although they seem to have festivals of some sort every weekend!)  Bourbon Street was packed full of bars, bars and more bars.  And people roaming the streets with beer or a daiquiris in hand!  An adult Spring Break of sorts!  We had dinner at an historic landmark, a former house which was given to Napoleon at one time!  He died before he could move into his “house in the New World” but the history is still compelling!

Now we are en route for Memphis for some blues, famous pork ribs and the land of Elvis!

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WOW what a trip of a lifetime! this is something I want to do with the boys, Keep up the dream
We love you
Kurt and the boys

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