Chimulco (Villa Corona)


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We left Melaque en route for Villa Corona, a town at 4500 feet elevation and just an hour outside Mexico’s second largest city, Guadalajara. What our kids did NOT know is that our Canadian friends would be there when we arrived. They greeted us and I thought our kids would fall out of the RV! They made us a yummy dinner of chili and we sat around in the clubhouse, eating dinner and reminiscing about our days together in Mexico.  

A great attraction at RV park were the natural thermal pools. Each day, the park fills the many pools with fresh clean warm thermal water. There is a great big water pool which includes slides, a big water bucket and a massaging pool. They also have a smaller pool, open only to those of us in the RV park which we all visit at 7PM each evening. Soaking in these warm thermal pools can’t but remind  one of the movie, “Cocoon”, where they seemed to lengthen their lives while they soaked. One can only hope!

The RV park was on a beautiful lake which was full of crane and heron. The days were warm and windy and we loved just sitting outside, hearing the wind blow gently through the pine trees.

One day, we visited the “Sand Church” which was nestled high on a hill over the town. It is completely made of sand and so unusual it even made the list of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. We were greeted by Juan who gave us a tour, completely in Spanish. We all nodded when he spoke and picked up a word here and there. After the tour of the church, we made our donation and then walked freely through the sand caves. The caves were dark and cool and one needed a flashlight to venture deep into them. At one point, Ken pointed his flashlight upwards more than 30 BATS flew away from the light. Yikes! A bit creepy, even though I completely see the significance of bats on our planet. A wonderful stop during our stay in Mexico.

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