The town of Celestino


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 15-01-2009

Celestino is a very small town and an interesting one to explore on bike. The town is home to a small church, an elementary school, a high school, lots of small one room stores selling basic necessities and two fun seafood restaurants. We brought home ceviche from one of the restaurants and it was absolutely delicious as were the fresh coconuts.
After a month in Celestino, our Canadian friends joined us and we all couldn’t have been be happier. They are a great family and we are so pleased to have them join us in Mexico. We spent many evenings watching the sunset with them as well as watching the kids swim and boggy board.
Not far down the road from our campground was a holistic health resort. The folks from campground visited the restaurant one afternoon for a vegetarian lunch.  We also met the family who owned the resort. We found out they had three children who were home schooled. They had two young boys (Manuel and William) and a nine year old girl, Sarah, who spoke English quite well. Our kids really enjoyed playing with this wonderful bunch and we enjoyed talking with the parents, Teresita and John.  Later in the week, the couple invited us to dinner by campfire. It was a wonderful evening which also included watching the waves glow with the florescent “red tide” effects. Beautiful!

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