La Cruz


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While our RV park was in the boonies (much to our delight), the town of La Cruz was just a 15 minute drive and had everything we needed. We made frequent trips to “MZ” (the market in town) and loaded up on huge papayas, bananas, tomatoes, fresh tortillas and other staples. We found the best way to buy milk is to get it boxed in the dry section of the store. We made the mistake of buying cold “fresh” milk one day and not checking the expiration date. It was SIX weeks past due and, while it surprisingly did not smell sour, it tasted awful according to my taste tester Nikki.
Our favorite lunch joint was “Cocina Economica Stefany”. (Economical kitchen of Stefany). It was fantastic and oh so cheap. We all ate for a mere $11 and enjoyed every bite of our short ribs and tostadas. Mexico is full of these little economical eateries and they are all touted as being very yummy with wonderful Mexican moms cooking in the colorful small kitchens.



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