Our friends at Celestino


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 24-01-2009

We stayed at Celestino RV park for five weeks and really got to know a great group of people.  Never have we visited a friendlier RV park and we doubt we will ever again.  It was unique and special.  The people we met will remain in our hearts forever and we hope to see them again one day on the road!   We also plan to see some on them en route to Alaska this summer! 
Our last night in Celestino included dinner out at a Chinese restaurant in La Cruz with much of the group we have camped alongside for the 35 days which included the holiday season.   (By the way,  Chinese food in Mexico is quite good!)  It was wonderful to chat with the people we have grown so fond of during our stay. It was also quite emotional as we REALLY like this group and we will miss them terribly!! We departed the next morning at 7AM en route for Puerto Vallarta,  while our friends waved us a final farewell. Very sweet!

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