Eureka, CA


Posted by whalerho | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-10-2008

Eureka!  The last time I was in Eureka was in 1975 when I was a teenager.  I can still remember the intense smell of all the paper mills.  You couldn’t escape it. With an attitude typical of a 15 year old know-it-all, I barely got out of the car!  This visit was a lot less smelly but nontheless interesting.  We had no reservations and thought we would just “wing it”, a term my husband has grown very fond of lately.  We found a giant parking lot which doubled as a campground.  On the postiive side, it was right on the bay and we had a beautiful view.  We met some unique folks, aka “rif raf”.  Walking through the town of Acadia (just outside Eureka and the town belonging to Humbolt State University) we came upon many shops selling LPs. Yes, old records are making a comeback, at least in the eyes of the follks in Eureka.  We also came upon many shops selling the paraphania for smoking plants, if you get my drift.  The town was a bit too sleepy for us (can we also call it a bit “unconsious”?) and while we enjoyed the view, we were ready to move on after a couple nights. . .

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