Redwoods, CA


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“WOW!!  I have never seen such HUMONGOUS trees!” exclaims our 9 year old Lauren (Poohnut).  She was right – the redwoods were nothing short of amazing,  Stellar really.  Emerging from the ground as if they had an appointment in heaven.  We camped at a super cool campground, among the groves of trees.  One of the things that made it “cool” was the playground.  It included a fort which only a kid could design.  We spent several hours just taking in the fresh smell of the trees and watching the kids play (after school of course!)  One of our favorite memories is playing pool in the game room.  We are a family of pool players, in case you didn’t know!  At least, we act like we are!  It was such fun to see the kids take on Ken and myself at the pool table.    And, we learned not to mess with Poohnut at the air hockey table.  Whew!!  We met a great couple who were hosting at the RV park.  We shared our dream of living in Brazil again one day and they got so excited!!  They are inspired to do the same one day!! We shall see if our roads come together again one day! Now off to the wine country, a location which has ranked at the top of my list for months!

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Our dear 14-yr.old has one thing on his Christmas list…a vintage turntable…he’s been buying lp’s at a couple of local stores…he’d think he’d died and gone to heaven in a town like Acadia! Sounds like you’re having a groovy tour of northern CA…can’t wait to see you in AZ in December!!! best, C et al

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