Boise and Cousin Aileen’s House


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We took off for Boise and the “On the River” RV park. Just across from us was the Boise River and an amazing 27 mile bike trail. Ken and Andrew stayed only a night before heading out to Southern California to visit his mom. So, it was me and the girls for four nights!! Veronica lives just 5 minutes away so she was very sweet, bringing us maps and muffins.

I took the girls into the beautiful town of Boise for a little espresso before school each day. (Except for the morning Lauren wasn’t feeling well). If you haven’t been to Boise, I highly recommend it. It has it ALL – a historical area, parks, restaurants and of course, lots of great espresso places! One day, the girls and I went to the mall. I forgot how much we love to shop! At night, I took the girls to the Cheesecake Factory and we had such fun, just being girls and eating “whatever!” without too much thought to calories or nutritional content!

When we were all together again, we went to lunch at “Donnie Mac’s Trailer Park restaurant”. It was so funky (okay and trashy) and FABOULOUS! We had sweet potato fries while being served by a guy who had to pull the shower curtains back to serve us our food. TACKY!! 😎

We left our RV park on the river en route for Nampa and the Ellis’house. They live in a beautiful area with houses on acres plus lots. There was plenty of room for our RV in front of their house.

Andrew woke up early and went fly fishing with Uncle Craig to Oregon on the Owyhee river. They got a lot of bites but no “hits”. Guess just getting bites is a big deal as these are smart fish and they know how to escape!

Meanwhile, Aileen took the girls and me to Boise Farmer’s Market. This is one of the best Farmer’s Markets I have even visited. Samples included wine, cheese curds (yum), and lots of little sausages. We had the BEST little donuts ever! We came across this guy making beautiful lanterns (think paper lanterns but make with sheer plastic). We got to talking and we figured that he could make a string of them for our RV. We were so excited as we have been looking for special lights for our RV for some time. Most are fun but let’s admit it, a bit tacky and we are trying hard not to embrace the white trash mentality!! So now we have them hanging and they are so pretty. The idea for these lights started in Brazil of all places so we knew they were for us!

We had the most beautiful weekend for our stay in Boise. On Saturday night, Aileen and I took the kids to the local farm to the big corn maze. The kids were so excited and took off into the 3 mile maze. Aileen and I went a mere 10 feet in mushy ground and realized we would rather sit this experience out! The last night, we all went to a whirl famous local pizza joint for some great pizza!

Off to McCall Idaho and Ponderosa Pines State Campground – a favorite of many Idahoans!!


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Hello!!! Oh we had a GREAT time with you all!!! If you are passing by Idaho, please stop by again!

Aileen, Craig, McKenzie & Zoe

We love your web site. The pictures are great. Travel safe and have enough fun for alllllllllllll of us.

your pals, Patty & Darrel

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