Lewis and Clark State Park, MT


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We left Yellowstone with so many wonderful memories. We were excited to visit Montana as we had pictures in our minds of “BIG SKY COUNTY”. Montana truly lived up to its name.

We drove far back into the beautiful rolling mountains to find this small and beautiful campground, “Lewis and Clark State Campground.” We were in the middle of nowhere and it was great! We were one of four other campers and could see rolling mountains from every window. The temperatures were in the low 80 which began to melt the chill of Yellowstone.

Fishing in Yellowstone was non existent (much to Andrew and Ken’s dismay) so Andrew was excited to get out to the Jefferson river across the small road to catch us some dinner! BINGO!! He caught the first fish in 20 minutes and it was a 20’ brown trout!! Then a 16” and 18’ brown trout. (Measurements are very important to fisherman as I have come to learn!) Andrew was the happiest I have ever seen him!! We had an amazing dinner of trout sashimi, sitting outside in the warm breezy mountain air.

That night, Ken and Andrew wanted to keep fishing (were they thinking fish muffins for breakfast??). The girls and I sat by the fire, roasting marshmallows with Hobie alongside checking things out. Then we realized, Hobie was not with us! According to eye witnesses, Hobie took off after three deer and ran far into the mountains. With some help from camping neighbors, we called him loud enough to find him and get him to run back to us. He ran back as if he was in the movie, “Born Free!” It wouldn’t have been too cool to tell Ken and Andrew we lost Hobie while he was under our watch!!

The next day, we ventured to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. I wasn’t sure what to expect and had a mental picture of climbing through these tight, cold, damp and dark tunnels, mostly doing it to say “Done that!” Well, these caverns were some of the most beautiful places we have ever experienced! There were different “rooms” with amazing snapshots of the earth we have never seen before. I am so glad we make the effort and we will go to every cavern we get a chance to see from now on!



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