School’s back in session!


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Well, the kids are now back in school after a fun summer on the central coast.  It’s so great to have two kids at the same school now (Morro Bay HS) .  Last year, all three kids went to different schools and it made for a tight taxi schedule.  Andrew loves being a Sophomore and not being a “newby” anymore.  He is loving playing football and enjoys the discipline of working out 5 days a week.  He always has a project in the works (or 2 or 3).  Right now, he is working on restoring Poohnut’s latest purchase – a old Stingray bicycle.  Andrew has stripped the whole thing down, painted it, bought a new chain and is polishing the metal parts.  He loves jobs like this (especially when there’s a few bucks in it for him!)  He is also working on his RC car, making another longboard and I do believe that’s it.  .  . for now!

Nikki is busy getting used to the rigors of high school  – juggling the academic aspect with the social and athletic aspects.  She is on the Freshman volleyball team and has gotten pretty good at “digging”.  They are a great group of girls on the volleyball team and the games are so fun to watch!  She is now taller than me (5’9″) and likes to infer that I am actually shrinking.  Oh the complements of teenagers.  Most of her friends live within walking distance so I don’t see her often as friends rule in her world right now.

Poohnut still enjoys being with me and I enjoy spending time with her.  There is just a small window left before she is a full fledged teenager and I am holding out all hope that she stays sweet and kind.  The big kids are still pretty good but alas, I am constantly reminded how utterly moronic my behavior is on a routine basis.  Can’t say theirs is any better but I don’t dare tell them that – rather pointless and their ears aren’t always open to my voice   Poohnut continues to love to write. She’s so darn creative (where does she get these story lines?) and even had one of her stories read over the loud speaker at school yesterday.  It was about her favorite tree and her dreams of turning it into a tree house where she could spend time looking out on the bay.  She used a lot of imagery and it was great fun to read.

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