Trading places with the Pear family


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When we first talked to our good friend Jonathan about helping us lease our AZ house, he came up with a “deal”.  In exchange for his work , we would allow him to borrow our RV for up to a month near the end of our trip.  Deal!  The planning consisting for the turnover consisted of driving lessons which Jonathan passed with flying colors.  (Although I think he still wondered (as do I) how this big (huge) house makes it down the highway, especiallly around corners with little shoulder!  Ken and I worked hard to prep our baby and turned it over to the pears one sunny and HOT (talking 105 degrees) AZ day.  They were so excited and we were so happy to get to have them fulfill a dream.  It was surreal to see our RV with the van take off down the street!  While they were on the road, we stayed in their 3500 sq ft house for a few days where we kept losing Hobie.  Really!  Then we headed up to the central coast to spend time with my mom.  We celebrated Nikki’s 13th birthday and she got the camera she’s been dreaming of for months.   While the Pears had a great time, they lasted only about 2 weeks and were happy to return to the creature comforts of their AZ home.  The RV lifestyle isn’t for everyone but we are happy to have shared the experience with this wonderful family!

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