Golden Colorado


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  “Can we please live here?”  A questioned asked by all of us as we feel in love with the town of Golden.  Who would have guessed that the town where the the Coors Brewery brews its marginally good tasting beer would be so special?  Our campground was right on the river  and we were surrounded by beautiful trees and the smell of lilac.  Very idyllic!  Golden has a wonderful bike/walking path that runs throughout the whole town and out into a nature preserve.  Almost everyone seemed to be walking, biking or kayaking and they were all so fit! 

The downtown area was clean and obviously catered to the canines in the area as every other shop had stainless steel bowls filled with clean cool water.  Was it just our imagination or were there more Golden Retrievers than any other breed of dog?  Hobie fit right in and joined us in our enthusiasm for this town. It was tough to leave but we were all in agreement that Golden is at the top of our list of “great places to live.”  Now onto the famed Rocky Mountains! 

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We went there! It’s a beautiful park but they don’t allow school buses that are converted into a home so we can’t “live” there.

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