Halloween and beyond in Anthem


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We vowed to our kids to be in Anthem on Halloween so they could go treat-or-treating with their buddies.  We arrived in time for them to come up with some makeshift costumes and off they went to their friends houses for the weekend.  Andrew lucked out as his friend Austen had a HUGE Halloween party with many of the kids Andrew knew from Diamond Canyon School.  Andrew picked up an afro wig at Walmart,  drew a peace sign on a plain white t shirt and became a hippie.   Poohnut became a super model  as she wanted a reason to wear her VERY high $5 resale shoes, and went hunting for candy with her friend Hannah Montana (better known as Natalia).  Nikki transformed into a pirate thanks to a costume loan from her friend Peyton.   Ken and I enjoyed the childless weekend (first time in 17 months!) and loved not having to deal with the details of costumes  – not my favorite of tasks! 

This time we camped not only at the Cave Creek Regional Park (on of my favorite campgrounds of all time) but we also enjoyed a stay at Lake Pleasant. It was so nice to wake up with a view of this beautiful lake. 

I spent time with my dear friends and had such a wonderful time catching up with each of them.  Darcy and I trekked all across the valley, busy with both business and fun.  Carrie took me to some new places in Scottsdale as she is always the  tour guide extraordinaire.  Jill and I spent time catching up on our emerging business lives as well as other fun topics.   Carolyn and I enjoyed tea and Karen and I enjoyed a glass of wine while got caught up on all the happenings.  We had a great dinner at the Jonathan and Jamie’s home and the kids had a great time with their kids while we adults enjoyed just hanging out with each other.   I visited my friend Joy and got to meet her darling baby daughter while hearing of her exciting upcoming plans to go to nursing school.  We only briefly got to see Luz Maria and wished we could have spent time with her and Gus.   I got to spend a little time with Laurie and Phil and hope we can see more of them on our next visit.  Thank you to all the parents of our chidlren’s friends as our kids had a great time with your children!  We left with great memories of friendship and wishing we could gather up all these special people and have us all live in the same place! 

Ken took Andrew out for a “boys night out” and boy did they have fun!  It was ALL about the FOOD and the two of them devowered 1 1/2 pound hamburgers EACH!  They had this cholesterol laden feast at none other than the “Heart Attack Grill” in Chandler AZ.  Of course they had to include veggies with their meal so they enjoyed some french fries, cooked in LARD!  They ended their feast with two well endowed waitresses wheeling Andrew (dressed in a hospital gown) out to the van.  What do they do next?  Topped it off with chicken wings at Hooters of course! 

Ken and I spent many days preparing for our upcoming return visit to Mexico.  We had our doctor visits, orthodontist visits, vet visits, RV mechanic visits and so on and on and on!!  Much to do since we’d been in the bush for so many months prior to our pitstop in Anthem. 

Near the end of our time in Anthem, my mom Ellen,  and sister Robin,  flew out for a girls weekend in Scottsdale.  The three of us haven’t hung out together in a relaxing atmosphere for a very long time and we can’t wait to do it again.  It really made me realize how much I missed my mom and sister!    We had so much fun and got caught up on everything happening in each other’s lives.  I bid a tearful goodbye to Rob at the airport and mom stayed with me as she is heading into Mexico with us in two days. 

With ALL the work behind us, we are ready to transition to the peaceful beauty of MEXICO!!

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