Las Vegas


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Viva Las Vegas! From the peaceful solitude of Death Valley to the blinding bling of Las Vegas, it was a tough transition to say the least. Our RV park was quite nice though and out of the main stream of Vegas. Ken and I had a great dinner out at Sushi Samba in the Venetian Hotel followed by drinks at a variety of other venues. I can’t say anymore as you know what they say, “What happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas!”

We just HAD to enjoy a buffet one night as the word buffet seems synonymous with Vegas.  So,  we worked up a big appetite and headed to the Rio for their famous “‘Round the World Buffet”. It was quite an amazing set up with so much food it verged on making you a big nauseous before you even started. The kids LOVED it though (especially our foody son, Andrew) and they ALL wished we could go there everyday. (Ugh!)  What cracked us up most though was Poohnut and her insatiable appetite for seafood. We were all enjoying our dessert when Poohnut left and returned with some clams. Then she left and returned with some shrimp, then clams, then shrimp. Alright already Poohnut! We all left about 10 pounds heavier but much happier for the experience!

I took the girls shopping one day at Caesar’s Palace and we had a great time walking around the Forum Shops and watching a bunch of cheezy statues come to life in the shows. That evening, we all walked along the strip and watched as volcanoes erupted and pirates battled. Three nights is MORE than enough to experience what Vegas has to offer so we were happy to be off to the calm beauty of the Colorado River. 

On our way to the Colorado River and the Laughlin area, we made a stop at Hoover Dam.  A few weeks later we would see the water in AZ which came from the Hoover Dam.  Cool bit of hands on education for the kids. 

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