Zion National Park – a place we will never forget


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We really had NO idea what to expect in Zion.  We try not to look up anything prior to our visit so we can see the new location with fresh eyes.  Our first introduction to this park was when the ranger informed us that we would have to pay a $15 fee to have him escort our RV through the mile long tunnel.  We (I mean KEN) had to drive it right in the middle of the tunnel which as 13’ high and the sides of the tunnel are a mere 11’ (The RV is 12′ 10″ high!!!).  The ranger had to stop the oncoming traffic so we could hog the tunnel and make it through without peeling off any of the paint on the top! 

We camped right on the river and it was a big enough river for the kids to tube down it.  Most people had these expensive tube rentals which were big and strong.  Our kids, well, they had the $3 ones we bought at Target and boy could they feel the rocks along the bums!  It was such fun sitting along the river and awaiting the arrival of our offspring on their tubes, screaming all the way! 

There were great bike paths throughout the park and we all took a long ride along the river and through the “no cars/shuttle only” area.   We sgot to see, up close, amazing views of the magnificent cliffs and rock formations.

Each morning, Ken and I would take a bike ride to a local little java place.  We sat on the roof top deck and planned out our lives.  Quite special time. 

The park has amazing hikes all throughout it.  One of the most famous hikes is “Angels Landing”.  When the shuttle bus driver talked about this hike, she said, “It is not for anyone afraid of heights”.  Why did I then blurt out,”Hey Ken, what about hiking Angels Landing?  Of course he said “YES!” (being the adventurous man who left the corporate world behind!).  SO, Andrew, Ken and I left at 6:30AM for this infamous trail.  The hike is 5 miles and goes up 1500’. The last half mile had sheer drops on both sides – one 1200’ and the other 800”, You had to hold a metal chain to avoid falling off. But it was worth it – what a view!  I am so glad I did it and can check that one off my list! 

From this special National Park, we set our sites on Provo, a town along near Utah Lake. . .



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